Renzo Spiteri is a percussionist, sound artist and composer who uses the sonic environment around him as primary source material that not only sets the tone to his work, but is also a powerful source of inspiration. He has a passion for improvisation, field recording, sound collection, composition and sound design, and their application in installations, live performances and sonic material for film/moving image that he creates. Through his work, Renzo seeks to bring about a deeper sensorial engagement between listeners/audiences and his work, be it in public spaces, performance venues, film, art galleries and museums.

Inspired by the prehistoric sites of the Maltese Islands, Renzo Spiteri invites audiences to experience his new contemporary work Evolution. Combining Renzo’s skills as sound artist, composer and percussionist, Evolution is a live solo performance that merges the sound artist’s creative journey throughout his years as improviser, field recordist and sound designer, with the mysteries and atmospheres of the islands’ unique and magnificent sites. Join him for what promises to be a special aural and visual experience.​

Renzo Spiteri will be performing on Friday 26th April at Palazzo de Piro.
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